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Danieli water-cooled elements

Danieli FastArc® long-life, energy-saving panels (Q-Panels) and water-cooled elements for EAFs and secondary metallurgy equipment are designed to compete with the market pricing and high-quality standards established by our own manufacturing centers, and guaranteed with the fastest delivery times.

In order to reach the high-quality standards now expected by steel manufacturers, Danieli is committed to achieving those standards, designing and manufacturing water-cooled panels and equipment at our own facilities.

Because the major causes of unscheduled downtimes in steel plant production are also failures of water-cooled components a plant's availability index is increased significantly when Danieli’s high-efficiency and high-reliability water-cooled components are installed. This performance is reached by continuous quality monitoring of our standard manufacturing procedures and materials (boiler type / low-carbon steel tubes, copper tubes), assembling and welding procedures, and pre-delivery tests. All this is provided, together with the 100% on-time delivery company policy.

Water-cooled equipment and service life:

  • Steel and copper panels
  • EAF shell sidewall panels
  • EAF/LF roof panels
  • VD/VOD water-cooled shield 
  • Fume-treatment plant water-cooled duct (primary water-cooling system).

Danieli water-cooled panels' lifetime average:

  • Standard EAF shell panels: 5,000 heats
  • Roof panels: 6,000 heats
  • Long-life energy saving panels: more than 10,000 heats

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