Our mission is to improve the Danieli’s competitiveness by involving Procurement and Logistics within the whole process of project management, from pre-projects to execution and supplier quality management, in order to secure Danieli’s profitability and leading market position.


Danieli Suppliers play a key role in achieving our challenging business goals. They represent our worldwide supply base we rely on for procuring goods and services, constituting a fundamental part in Danieli competitiveness and customer satisfaction. 


We aim to select the best-in-class suppliers and to develop a fruitful working partnership with them, focusing on win-win opportunities for both parties' business growth. 

Trust, fairness, transparency and respect for Danieli's core values make essential basis of this important relationship. 


We select our Suppliers by applying high standards for quality, price competitiveness, delivery, manufacturing processes, innovation and sustainability. 

If you wish to become a Danieli supplier, please visit the "How to Become a Potential Supplier" page and complete the related form. 

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