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DaNews is the official magazine of the Danieli Group. It is published three times a year, and on its pages are shared the most important news and goals that characterize the company activity all over the world. Here you can easily download the pdf format of the latest numbers.

Documents Language
DaNews DaNews 176
DaNews 176
DaNews AluNews 3
AluNews 3
DaNews DaNews 175
DaNews 175
DaNews AluNews 2
AluNews 2
DaNews DaNews 174
DaNews 174
DaNews AluNews 1
AluNews 1
DaNews DaNews 173
DaNews 173
DaNews DaNews 172
DaNews 172
DaNews DaNews 171
DaNews 171
DaNews DaNews 170
DaNews 170