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Danieli Original Spare Parts and e-Spare

With many years of experience in customer service and technology development, we at Danieli Service are proud to offer unique solutions in accordance with customers’ evolving needs for spare parts and consumable products.

Added-value Original Spare Parts, spanning from technological products to consumables, are essential for guaranteeing long-term reliability, high performance and assets preservation.

Carried out in the same workshop where plant equipment is produced, Original Spare Parts satisfy the most restrictive quality standards and certifications.
Many customer advantages arise from close relationship with the original equipment manufacturer, including:

  • Highest product quality
  • Updated to new technologies
  • Extended Warranty periods
  • Fast solutions
  • Long-Term Supply Agreements

Consumable Parts represent one of your important OpEx investments and we are providing the best products and solutions characterized by prolonged service life, performance and quality.

The main ones are:

Steel Making

  • Electrodes
  • Oxygen and carbon lances

Continuous Casting Machine

  • Copper tubes
  • Quick sealing devices
  • Foot rolls
  • Withdrawal and Straightening elements (Idle/Drive rolls)

Rolling Mills

  • Rolls
  • Shear blades 
  • Quenching
  • Tunnel panels
  • Liners

One of our advanced proposals conceived to meet customers’ requirements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness is Consignment Stock Agreement

Through a tailor-made agreement we provide the solution to manage uncertainty, reduce unplanned events and guarantee plant operation. Clear benefits result in:

  • Risk reduction
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Lead-time reduction
  • Minimum/maximum stock

When cost optimization, time saving and customized solutions enter the digital dimension, the smart answer is offered by e-Spare.

The e-SPARE catalog is a web tool available to our customers for identifying spare parts for their plants, seeking for last suggested spare parts and generating automatic inquiries. Customers can easily connect to this application through Danieli Extranet System, the fast and secure way to log on to the Danieli network.

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