vision, Partnership with Danieli

Partnership for innovation

to improve competitiveness

Danieli: a team always moving forward. We launched a program called “Metamorphosis 2”: innovation of our operating methods/patterns and consequently to our organization in order to enhance the technical and economic competitiveness, speed, quality and customer service. Furthermore expand our commitment to be  “A step ahead in Capex and Opex, transfering those same concepts to our partner customers.

Danieli a step ahead

An international, multicultural team covers the full spectrum of technology, from iron ore to the different finished products. After years of proven success, we have confirmed our position as the world leader for minimills and long products rolling mills, and the most recent achievements in flat products and the final acquisition of Danieli Corus in Ijmuiden (Holland) have solidified Danieli's position in the field of the full integrated plants.
With our original mottos - “Danieli the reliable and innovative partner in the metal industry” and “we do not shop around for noble equipment”, - we have added now “Danieli a step ahead”, which expresses our determination to improve our current performances. To do this, we launched a program called “Metamorphosis 2”: innovation to our operating methods/patterns and consequently to our organization in order to enhance the technical and economic competitiveness, speed, quality, customer service. Further to accomplish this, our managers are taking regular courses, to gain the skills necessary to deal with the demands of today’s world. Also our motto -  “A step ahead in Capex and Opex”, expresses our desire to transfer the same concepts to our partner customers.

vision, Danieli Research Center

Innovation is our DNA

We introduced to the market the highest number of innovations in recent years, investing an average of 140 M €/Year in the past eight years. This reconfirms the Company's and its shareholders's commitments to the industry.

vision, workshop Danieli

Workshops: same quality worldwide

Our extensive in-house manufacturing capability ensures equipment of the highest quality and reliability, thanks to a continuous control over all the process, and as well as ensures a multicultural intellectual growth, taking the advantages of different cultures and insights.

The different workshops, besides serving the geographical area where they are located,
always specialize in manufacturing a particular type of equipment, in order to achieve continuous efficiency and improvement, by concentrating on a specific manufacturing expertise.

  • 477.000 m² of workshop space is available to process
    up to 100.000 tons of equipment each year.
vision, Danieli Automation

From Algorithm to Automation

Software algorithm models, computerized quality and production control systems, adopting the most advanced information technologies like fuzzy logic, neural systems, modeling, simulation are developed in house, are able to transfer Danieli process know how to final users. Full factory software simulation systems are set to provide quick plant startups.

A team of over 1000 Danieli Automation engineers, worldwide make this possible.

vision, Turnkey Plant

Turnkey projects approach

Being singular source in the metal industry able to offer a proven complete project implementation pattern for a reliable, on time, on budget, project delivery, with our Danieli Plant Engineering and Construction International team, we are ready to support our “partner” customers in:

  • Project development and planning
  • Complete systems integration
  • Construction and installation
  • In-house heavy lifting and handling equipment
  • Project management
  • Commissioning and after start up assistance.

137 complete turnkey plants projects have been completed or are under execution.