DSD - The Drawer - Draw Sizing Danieli
Four-rolls reducing and sizing block (patent pending)
  • Can roll sharp corner squares
  • High precision tolerance (1/8 of DIN-EN10060 of dimensional standard) and high metallurgical properties
  • High market flexibility thanks to free-size rolling (up 4 mm) and quick production change-over (less than 4 min)
  • Savings in post-processing process and less downstream heat treatment time thanks to Thermo Mechanical Rolling
  • Higher yield (0.3-0.5%) thanks to improved product quality, less crops, cobbles and trial bar
  • Higher mill utilization (5-10%) thanks to reduced product change, trial bars and consequently cobble reduction
  • Return On Investment (ROI) < 2 years with a mill of nominal capacity of 500,000 tpy