SBQ - Special Bar Quality Mills

Cutting-edge process and technology for Special Bar Quality products manufacturing.

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Danieli SBQ rolling mills grants scratch-free products, thanks to finishing equipment tailored design. An SBQ plant is capable to roll more than 100 products and different steel grades in a single rolling mill, featuring “The Drawer” 4-rolls block technology, to produce rounds with stricter size tolerances down to 1/8 EN 10060:2003 to enhance mill efficiency and material yield.

Additional in-line technologies to grant superb products are ONA (On-line Annealing) chamber for in-line hardening and tempering of bars, in line-NDT non-destructive testing, labelling and bar finishing performed with Winstack non-magnetic lance stackers.

Fast production and size changes combined with enhanced automation together with an integrated computer simulation of metallurgical processes DLPP-Danieli Long Product Predictor and water treatment control of DSC-Danieli Structure Control are “the core” of the process summarized in “ANY SIZE, ANY GRADE at ANY TIME”.

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