Big Bar Mills

Cutting-edge process and technology for Superior Quality Bar manufacturing

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Big bar mills produces semi-finished products of quality, special and stainless steels for automotive, oil and gas, wind farms, or other special applications. They produce billets or large products round, square and hexagonal in several dimensions and grades that cannot be processed on a conticaster.

Recently Danieli has introduced the Rotoforge process to roll cast round blooms of up to 850 mm and 18-t ingots to produce rounds up to 500 mm. The target is to give to the market as-forged products in order to limiting to minimum 5% second choices materials and reducing to 15% of transformation costs.
The Rotoforge provides the same internal quality achievable by forging, thanks to the unique features of the new design “Rf” heavy duty stand capable to impress to the material the same strain “to the hearth” applied by a forge.

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