SQR - Special Quality Rail Mills

Cutting-edge process and technology for Superior Quality Rails manufacturing

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Rails; as per sections; are produced on 3-high or 2-high rolling stands, universal reversing, continuous or semi-continuous stands, and over the years, this technology has moved on to different solutions, such as Danieli’s Profile Sizing Process, or PSP.

The PSP system is the cost-breaking innovation in the production of rails. The family of rail steel products is vast. Flat bottom rails, switch rails, guard rails, grooved rails, clamps steel sleepers and special profiles are produced in a single rolling mill with different weights and sizes. However, today manufacturing of heat-treated rails become essential for the rail market. The introduction of the RH2- Rail Head Hardening process guarantees the highest hardness on the head and maintain uniform properties along the entire length including the cross section.
By combining reversing intermediate/pre-finishing rolling in a UFR-Ultra Flexible Reversing mill with finishing-sizing rolling in a separate independent UF stand, PSP enhances product quality, plant productivity and efficiency at lower production costs. The independent single finishing/sizing pass provides the best tolerances thanks to small reductions, long life for rolls and guides, maximum roll pass design flexibility and best finished product surface.

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