Peeling Machines

Precision centreless turning machines for the production of close tolerance bars and tubes

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Hot rolled SBQ bars are processed by peeling to achieve a very high dimensional tolerance (IT8/9) while at the same time removing any decarburized layer, guaranteeing a 100% surface defect free final product for automotive and similar demanding engineering applications

Hot rolled bars produced by even the most modern rolling mills do not have a sufficiently high dimensional tolerance to be use in precision engineering applications with SBQ steel grades such as the automotive, aerospace and similar industries. In addition, all critical applications require 100% surface defect free bars, thus peeling is used as a high technology quality enhancement process.
Bars from diameter 5 to diameter 500 mm can be peeled to very high tolerance. According to customer requirements the peeling machine is installed in-line with pre-straightening, final straightening, polishing and non-destructive testing equipment

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