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2018, 11th December

Automatic Cranes

From Service Equipment to Process Core Devices

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Danieli Centro Cranes has a wide experience in developing Automatic and Semi-Automatic Cranes.

From APS configurations (Assisted Positioning Systems) wherein the crane automatically performs predetermined sequences of movements leaving to the operator just the most critical operations, to FAS (Fully Automated Systems typically used for automatic storages management.


FAS Crane Operations are assisted by Image Recognition Technologies, enabling the crane to positively recognize the target product, as well as by innovative crane movement and positioning sensors which make it possible to define crane's present and target position with required positioning precision.


With the Eyes-On Technology a dedicated system synchronizes the cameras installed on the crane/building to control the logistic process and ensure a comfortable remote control.


On the other hand, Product Detection System uses a network of laser sensors and so allows a crane to "see" products and the environment while creating a 3D real-time map of the yard.


In Danieli Automatic Yards, the operators establish yard management guidelines and act only to solve critical situations, leaving the regular activities to equipment, sensors and programmed intelligence. They are acting from a remote and centralized control pulpit.

A single operator can manage multiple cranes.

The goal of increasing productivity and safety simultaneously while reducing manpower cost is now a reality with Danieli Automatic Yards advanced technology.