Automatic Cranes

Apply our solutions to the yard management or the new or existing machines to improve plant operations


Danieli Centro Cranes doesn’t just improve the operating conditions of the cranes and operations, but also offers complete control of operations sequencing, data monitoring and storing, crane data processing and preventive maintenance, and to transforms the cranes into authentic, automatic, unmanned tools: the intelligent operational “hand” of plant and production scheduling software.

Crane operations are completely automatic and, in case human overview is still needed for safety or legally mandated requirements, this can be supervised in remote mode. Significant reductions in plant operating costs and improved plant efficiency can be established thanks to progressively increased automatic and remote control of crane operations.

The most recent improvement for achieving reliable and automatic system to intelligently handle the products is the “object vision” which defines the actual load position of the lifting. The crane is no longer a blind executor of missions directed by a higher automation level, but it is the smart tool within an unmanned environment.

The crane is equipped with intelligent sensors, not only able to detect objects, but also to characterize them, thanks to the image processing software. It detects maintenance requests automatically and creates historic data of plant operations and machine efficiency.

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