The first minimill was installed in Germany and the first continuous casting plant was installed in Italy, for the Riva Group. The success of the minimill concept spread to Spain, the USA and the Far East.

hystory 1970-1980

1. 500,000-tpy electric steel meltshop at SWB Brandendburg (former GDR), supplied on a complete turnkey basis between 1977-1979.

The first large turnkey order was placed with Danieli for a complete steel mill in the former German Democratic Republic. Company turnover was 25 M Euro, and employment rises to 1700 people. Mrs. Cecilia Danieli, who had managed the financial and administrative departments of the Group since 1977, was appointed Managing Director, and Mr Gianpietro Benedetti, who had been Group Sales Director since 1977, was appointed Director of Engineering.

hystory 1970-1980

1. Cecilia Danieli and Gianpietro Benedetti (1980)

2. Aerial view of the Danieli factory in 1984.


hystory 1970-1980

1. CAD-Computer Aided Design workstations at Danieli engineering departments (1983).

2. Machine shop. Heavy boring machine area (1978).