The history of Danieli Group

Danieli: an innovative and reliable partner

From the 1990s to now, Danieli has invested heavily in the technology for direct-rolling from continuous casting, eliminating the use of the reheating furnace. Since 2015, it is the leader in this field for long products. The first direct-rolling plant was supplied in 1995 to Franco Banzato, an innovator and owner of Acciaierie Venete, and the second to Republic Steel (USA). These experiences laid the groundwork for technologies that have made it possible to develop competitive regional minimills, even for limited production volumes in the range of 300,000 to 500,000 tpy, but able to meet specific regional market demands at competitive CapEx and OpEx.

The first complete minimill plant of this new generation, MIDA, with a capacity of approximately 300,000 tpy, was supplied to the visionary Clyde Selig of CMC Steel, USA, proving to be a winning choice.

In 2020, thanks to the Octocaster technology, MIDA minimills for long products have set records previously unimaginable, by casting consistently at 8 mpm and aiming to achieve 10 mpm, which means more than twice the speed that could be reached by the previous-generation casters.

Today, in fact, with only one continuous casting strand it is possible to produce up to 1.2 Mtpy of commercial products.

The same progress has been achieved in direct rolling for flat products: thin/medium-slab casters can reach a capacity of 4 - 4.5 Mtpy with only one casting strand.

Moreover, with these new-generation continuous casters it is possible to operate in endless, semi-endless and coil-to-coil modes for both long and flat products, thereby enhancing competitiveness in OpEx and quality, and with reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the absence of the reheating furnace.

In 2021, Danieli has established itself as world leader also in the field of direct rolling for flat products.

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