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2023, 10th March

SKID-ONE: A compact, fast-installing, modular frame solution for hydraulics systems

Equipment that effectively reduces construction costs compared to traditional configuration

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Hydraulic systems often are considered a well-known technology with low innovation and further optimization margins. Danieli Hydraulics, on the other hand, strongly believes such optimizations are indeed possible.

That is why it has invested in and developed solutions to improve its hydraulic systems’ competitiveness and efficiency of on a broader spectrum, with a 360° field of vision on these performance parameters.

A recent and efficient application of that vision is represented by the excellent results obtained through the hydraulic equipment supplied and applied, as a “Skid-mounted” solution, at the Wirerod 4.0 at the Acciaierie Bertoli Safau plant.

This skid-mounted configuration made it possible to reduce the equipment and interconnecting piping construction and installation times, reducing costs associated with construction site activities up to 10% when compared with a more traditional hydraulic system.


The installation of “Q-BOX” intelligent junction boxes, allows drives and signals to be tested directly of malfunctioning during cold tests in the plant, as well as allowing a significant reduction in the quantity of signal cables—a meaningful saving for both material cost and installation activities.




Yet, Danieli Hydraulics did not stop there: the next step for the division is the Skid-One, a brand new, full-skid solution.

The target of this technical improvement is to eliminate 100% of the start-up risks and, therefore, to dramatically decrease the costs related to time spent during erection phase in order to reach a 20% overall saving.

Moreover, the full skid configuration includes the hydraulic unit, the valve benches and the accumulators all in one frame.


This is a full plug-and-play solution, as no on-site activities for the hydraulics system components installation and interconnecting are needed— piping and electrical takeover point connection are enough to feed and start-up the mechanical equipment.

The modularity of the Skid-One system makes it possible to respect, if not reduce, the accessory costs usually needed for a more common hydraulic system, without the need for oversized shipments nor complex, onsite installation activities.