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2019, 25th January

New Danieli hydraulic dividing shear for plate mill in France

Perfect cutting quality for both thick and thin plates

Steel plate producer Laminoirs des Landes has selected Danieli for the supply of a new hydraulic hot shear to be installed in Tarnos, France.


The selected shear will allow Laminoirs des Landes to cut hot plates (600-900 °C) into a wide range of thicknesses up to 50 mm and widths up to 3,500 mm.


Thanks to the knife-angle and knife-gap adjustment systems, the machine allows the same optimal performances when cutting thick and thin products.


Danieli hydraulic shears are a smart solution to reduce CapEx in comparison to the common electromechanical rocking-type shear.


The new shear will be sent to France from Danieli Headquarters high-tech workshops in Italy and put in operation in the beginning of 2020.


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