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2022, 31st August

Major technology upgrade for Deacero Celaya minimill

Danieli Zerobucket EAF and high-performance rolling mill devices will improve production performance, sustainability and product quality

Leading Mexican long-product producer Deacero once again confirmed its confidence in Danieli, awarding the contract for a complete minimill process modernization plan, to improve actual production and product quality at Celaya plant in Mexico.

Originally supplied by Danieli in the 90s, the bar and wirerod minimill will be upgraded in both meltshop and rolling mill technology areas.

A new Danieli Zerobucket EAF featuring original ECS continuous scrap charge system

will replace EAF #2, improving the actual performances and minimizing the environmental foot-print through better energy exploitation and consistent production rate improvement.

The new furnace also will feature the Q-Melt automatic process control suite and Q3 intelligence. Furthermore, safety will be improved thanks to “zero-man around”.

A technologically advanced, sixth-generation EWR billet welder and a new 130-tph, high-speed bar-finishing line with two Danieli HTC High-Speed Double Twin-Channel systems, followed by five automatic bar counting stations, will enable Deacero to produce 9.5-mm-dia, high-quality rebar at a stable working speed of 40 m/sec at rolling mill #1.

New twin-module block, high-speed shears for automatic bar cropping and oil-film bearing laying head equipped with patented double-pipe rotor technology will be installed downstream the existing wirerod finishing block, to enable consistent finishing speeds up to 120 m/sec at rolling mill #2.

New, advanced Danieli Automation systems and technological packages will replace and update the original systems, to control the whole minimill process.

The Deacero Celaya minimill modernization will be managed to limit plant shutdown, and is expected to be completed during 2024.

The continuous, long-lasting technology partnership with Danieli over the decades has made possible the achievement of superior plant performances and production growth, which has resulted in Deacero long-product leadership for highly demanding quality construction rebar and wirerod for local and international markets.

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