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2022, 30th August

Henan Jiyuan again selects Danieli Centro Maskin grinding technology

New billet/bloom grinder ordered to process special steel long products

Henan Jiyuan Iron & Steel contracted Danieli for the supply of a new grinder for special steel cast long products to be installed in Jiyuan city, Henan province, China.

The grinder will process billets and blooms of various sizes (from square section 150x150 mm up to rectangular section 250x300 mm) and steel grades such as bearing steel, spring steel etc., mainly in full-skin grinding mode.

The machine will be equipped with the highly reliable, Danieli belt-driven spindle, powered by 200-kW main motors and Danieli Centro Maskin original Hi-Grind removal control system, to ensure consistency in surface quality and removal depth.

The selected automation system is based on the advanced human-machine interface platform, which conforms to the most advanced Industry 4.0 process data collection and exchange standards and concepts for the establishment of a database for multiple steel grades.

The new grinder is scheduled to be in operation by August 2023.

Henan Jiyuan I&S has been operating four Danieli Centro Maskin billet grinders.

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