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2022, 7th September

University of Denver's MBA students visit Danieli to learn about business practices in Italy

From Colorado to Italy to understand different business realities and identify local business landscape.

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As part of a tour in Italy, a group of MBA students from the University of Denver, Colorado, USA visited Danieli in Buttrio, Italy.

They are on an international business trip that allows them to compare company cultures, management styles and business practices.  


During the visit, the students got an overview of the Danieli’s business model, strategic initiatives and achievements and had a chance to network with our representatives.

They were also given a guided tour of the production facilities to see the technological innovation taking place at our workshop.


The group, who seemed very enthusiastic during the sessions, showed a great interest in the DNA of our activities and R&D plan with many questions being asked.

“I know that the school wanted to give us lot of diversity and the options. This visit is also focused on corporate social responsibility, so our school is highlighting companies in Italy that have that focus and impact on the people around them”, says MBA student Omar Aquino.

I am impressed with the diversity within the company. I very much like the focus on the different technological areas and then bringing them together in a localized strategy”, adds Lisa Sprague.


This is the second time this prestigious MBAs at Denver have visited our company. Their first visit was organized in 2019.

We hope to welcome them next time they are around.