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2022, 15th June

HDGL furnace revamping at Marcegaglia

Production increase and energy reductions achieved right after the Danieli revamping

Specialized Danieli Centro Combustion has just completed the revamping of the hot-dip galvanizing line #1 at the Marcegaglia plant in Ravenna, Italy.

The turnkey revamping of the hot-dip galvanizing furnace was performed whilst limiting the outage duration to just fifty days, as requested by Marcegaglia.

In fact, the pre-assembly strategy for steel structures, furnace casing and piping, along with a massive pre-test of the automation system, made it possible to save ten days of erection time.

The job consisted of revamping of the horizontal direct-flame fired section and relevant pre-heating section, plus that of the after-pot cooling system.

This, together with the installation of new burners fed by pre-heated combustion air –achieved by a new centralized recuperator in the waste gas duct– allowed for a production increase of 20% and a reduction of 20% of specific furnace natural-gas consumption.

Furthermore, the increase of the cooling capacity of the after-pot cooling section led to a 15% reduction of the specific electric consumption.

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