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2022, 13th June

Uniud team named runner-up at the Enactus National Competition in Padua

Turning CO₂ from pollution to a valuable product thanks to Danieli’s microalgae carbon capture technology

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A team of 11 students from the University of Udine, earned a second-place award in the National Championship, Enactus, in Padua, under the auspices of the Danieli Group, for a project aimed to transform the cosmetic and textile sectors into green industries.


In particular, the Innovalgae project, presented by the UniUD team, proposes the extraction of phycocyanin, the source of blue pigment, from spirulina algae grown in photobioreactors located at Danieli Group's ABS Steel Plant. There, spirulina reduces the CO2 emitted during the industrial process while releasing oxygen. When algae are collected, separated from the water and dehydrated, the phycocyanin can be extracted. This dye of natural origin can be used in the textile and cosmetic industries.


The university participated with a group that had to propose a business idea that pursues one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, prepare an annual report and create a video that synthesizes the proposal.

To support this business idea, Danieli provided insights into its technology together with its research and development expertise.


Danieli found a concept that transforms algae into a valuable source - InnovAlge project gave this concept another purpose.


Congratulations on this success!

It was a pleasure to participate in your research work and even greater satisfaction that you have recognized the importance of our green solution.