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2022, 24th October

Danieli Olivotto Ferré batch annealing technology for Turkish steelmakers

Seven bases and five furnaces for capacity expansions at Atakaş, Yıldız Demir Çelik and Diler Demir Çelik

Regardless of flat or long products to be treated, Danieli Olivotto Ferrè is a preferred batch annealing technology. As a matter of fact, three Turkish steelmakers have renewed their trust in Danieli Olivotto Ferré for their strip and wirerod coils capacity expansions.

Seven bases, five heating-bell furnaces and four cooling bells recently ordered will be integrated with their Danieli Olivotto Ferré batch annealing heat-treatment plants.

Atakaş and Yıldız Demir Çelik are strip coil producers and their product range includes CQ, DQ, DDQ and EDDQ steel grades.

With these new orders both customers will operate batch annealing in a 15-base and 8-furnace configuration.

The bases will operate under 100% hydrogen protective atmosphere to obtain the best strip surface quality, and efficient thermal cycles.

The net charge for each base will be 110 tons. The maximum charge outside diameter will be 2,100 mm and the piling height will be 5,300 mm.

Diler Demir Çelik produces xMnB4, xCrMo4, xCr4, 100Cr6 wirerod coils for cold heading and automotive applications.

The new project there will double the current heat-treating capacity and will bring the total number of bases and heating-bell furnaces to six and four, respectively.

With a workspace diameter and height of 4,000 mm, and a maximum charge of 40 tons, the bases will operate under nitrogen protective atmospheres for the best surface quality. The spherodizing annealing cycle will reach the value of 90% of spheroidization (minimum).

All three projects are under execution and are expected to be commissioned as per schedule.

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