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2022, 18th October

Feralpi Stahlwerke orders Danieli advanced water-treatment plant

It will complete the most innovative rolling mill in Europe, being supplied by Danieli

German steel producer ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi confirmed its trust in Danieli for the water-treatment plant to serve the rolling mill ordered in March 2022.

To be installed in Riesa, Germany, the new, innovative rolling mill will produce quality spooled bars in coils up to 8 tons.

The new water-treatment plant, which incorporates patented technologies such as ZSP Zero-Scale PitTM and DanfilterTM will complete the project.

The ZSP package reduces costs for civil construction of scale pits for rolling mills and processing lines. Rather than digging a deep underground basin to recover the contact water, the ZSP is installed just under the rolling mill. Scale that is deposited there is continuously removed from the underground flume and raised above ground, where it is collected in a standard skip. The implementation of the Danieli Zero Scale Pit solution results in remarkable CapEx savings, with no extra OpEx costs, also simplifying maintenance operations.

DanFilter, high-rate, deep-filtration sand filters achieve filtration rates up to 60 m3/h/sqm, maintaining excellent water quality with less than 10 ppm of suspended solids. This allows the supply of more compact plants with fewer filters compared to the standard type, reducing plant CapEx and footprint. The Danieli patent covers functioning and backwashing parameters as well as the distribution system.

Furthermore, Danieli also will be partner of Feralpi Stahlwerke for the on-site MEIP installation (mechanical, piping, electrical) for both rolling mill and WTP to ensure the start-up scheduled for Q2 2024 is reached on time and successfully.

Danieli provides a full range of modern auxiliary plants thanks to combined research and development, and field experience. It completes meltshop and rolling mill installations, increasing their competitiveness.

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