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2019, 10th May

Danieli Grab Ship Unloader for Arcelor Mittal, Belgium

Danieli Cranes is executing the installation of a 50-ton Grab Ship Unloader for ArcelorMittal Gent.

In mid-March 2019 and with the collaboration of the heavy-lift service group Sarens, Danieli made a positive roll off and positioning on the rail of the new handling system, after 90° rotation on the quay of ArcelorMittal Gent.

The crane arrived from Bilbao on the barge Caroline (Sarens) after a six-day voyage.

It was completely assembled at Bilbao port, including on-board piping and electrical circuits and cold commissioning (all movements and automatic sequences were checked without load).


Standing 60 meters tall, with the lifting capacity of 50 tons, 48 on the sea, maximum unload capacity of 2,000 tons, double trolleys configuration and a main trolley stroke of 82 meters, our crane (class A8/M8) is ready to unload materials for vessels up to 150,000 tons.

It was designed entirely in 3D, including the on-board circuit and electrical distribution, in order to minimize/avoid welding on site.

In June 2017 a jack up of 1,200 tons was performed with a purpose of moving the upper part into position including more than 14 hours of activities and two weeks of preparation.

Let’s not forget to say that more than 40,000 hours of erection were planned in detail, in parallel together with up to four different companies. 

All that to arrive to the point when the completed crane was rolled onto the barge Caroline using four rows of SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter), with 24 axes each.

Following the installation of around 100 tons of internal sea fastening the crane, the cargo ship was ready for the transportation. For the sail to its intended destination.


This was a very challenging project with different technical, technological, manufacturing, erection and logistic high-level targets that was accomplished thanks to the strong efforts and abilities of the working team (main contractor: Danieli, final client: AMG and the others sub-contractors: Cemi, URSSA, Sarens).

Thanks to that, our giant completed its journey. It successfully arrived at the Port of Ghent and surely made an entrance.


Big crane, big impression. A sight to see.