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2022, 8th November

Danieli electric steelmaking technology replacing BOF converters

The new FastArc ECS Zero-Bucket® electric-arc furnace in operation at Baowu Masteel Changjiang Steel

Following China’s adoption of low-carbon CO2 targets, and with the aim to gain operational flexibility and choose the charge mix between scrap and hot metal, Baowu Masteel relied on Danieli technology for its new EAF, which is now in operation in Changjiang, China.

The new, 140-ton UHP Ultra-High Power EAF features the original Danieli ECS Endless Charging System for continuous scrap-charging and preheating, while up to 85% of hot metal is charged via a dedicated pouring system.

The Palmur supersonic wall lance plays a key role in this process. It allows faster slag foaming during the first phase of melting on a large percentage of charged scrap and guarantees a fast steel decarburization rate. Also, it minimizes unexpected steel-slag reactions during high-percentage hot metal charging.

The whole chemical package keeps melting and decarburization profiles under control, and it guarantees the most efficient process with large amounts of hot metal.

Q-SmarTEC, Q-ATS, Q-Robot, and several additional mechatronic packages automate the EAF and minimize the operational costs.

The charging and melting processes are very stable and smooth. Performances above contractual value were achieved, for example 40 tap-to-tap time and 175 kWh/t specific electric energy consumption with 40% hot metal and 60% scrap charging mix, with 1180 total heats after hot start-up.

This is the first EAF steelmaking experience for Baowu Masteel Changjiang Steel. Congratulations on the extremely fast learning curve achieved by the Changjiang team, which undertook Danieli on-site training before plant startup.

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