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2022, 28th October

Ring-rolling mill upgrade at Siderforgerossi Group

Danieli contracted to improve performance of ring-rolling mill for special and aerospace alloys

Siderforgerossi Group selected Danieli for the extensive mechanical, electrical and hydraulic overhauling of the 250/200 ton, radial axial ring-rolling mill in operation at the Arsiero forging shop, in Veneto, Italy.

The revamping of the ring-rolling mill is part of the overall program of investments planned by Siderforgerossi Group, a leading global manufaturer of forged products with capabilities across the manufacturing spectrum, including ring-rolled, open-die and closed-die forging.

The radial-axial ring-rolling mill will undergo a major renovation involving mechanical parts, hydraulic and automation systems, to increase the maximum radial rolling force from 315 to 400 tons. This will make it possible to produce rings with improved dimensional accuracy, including near-net shape titanium casings, and made by materials designed for high-temperatures, such as nickel-based superalloys like Inconel® 718 for aerospace applications.

A detailed feasibility study developed by a Siderforgerossi and Danieli joint project team led to the most profitable solutions to reach the desired product quality and production goals, minimizing project risks, whilst improving operational safety and reliability.

The new automation system will feature a modern interface and a full set of controls for efficient management of the process.

The revamped ring-rolling mill will be in operation by the end of 2023.

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