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2019, 15th November

Ascoval orders caster revamp

Danieli to expand product capability on special steel caster at Saint Saulve

The four-strand caster supplied by Danieli in 2007 to Ascoval Saint Saulve, France, for the production of 180 to 325 mm rounds, will be revamped by Danieli.

The new, extended production range will include square billets 150 to 240 mm and rectangular blooms 300x365 mm.

High-grade rail steel as well as engineering steel grades for industrial applications will be produced also thanks to the installation of Danieli Rotelec Final Electromagnetic Stirrers, and product handling for Slow Cooling which will further expand the range of the quality steel grades.

The specialized design of equipment will minimize impact of installation.

Hot Tests are scheduled for August 2020.

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