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2022, 29th July

Another Danieli Q-One digital power feeder in Europe

New order from Polish steelmaker Cognor will improve EAF performances and reduce operating costs

Cognor has chosen Q-One technology patented by Danieli Automation to replace the existing transformer serving its 48-t EAF in Stalowa Wola, Poland.

In an increasingly difficult market, with growing transformation costs –prime materials and energy– steel producers are very much interested in Q-One digital power feeders to improve the operational costs of their electric and ladle furnaces.

Facts prove that Q-One is able to reduce electrical energy consumption about 10%, electrode consumption at least 10%. Q-One offers the same performances while allowing a shorter power-on time, resulting in increased productivity.

Operating electric steelmaking by using Q-One also means limited electrical disturbances and a power factor close to the unity on the MV distribution, avoiding the use of compensation systems.

Q-One can be applied either to new installations or existing plants as upgrades, to small and large capacity melting units with individual power outputs up to 200 MW.

The Q-One system ordered by Cognor is the 16th order for this revolutionary technology, and scheduled to go in production in Summer 2023.

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