Forging plants & Manipulators

Two / Four-column forging press

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Integrated forging plants offer coordination between the press manipulators and other systems to give the highest productivity and repeatability.

A computerized forging cycle simulation verifies technological results of the entire forging plant design.

Open-die forging plant technology
Push-down forging presses are engineered to ensure the best forged product quality, the highest productivity, and the lowest transformation costs. In particular, our presses have been designed to absorb transversal loads.

Our push-down press has the following features:

  • Pre-stressed frame
  • Flat-moving cross-head guides on columns, adjustable by means of wedges
  • Hydraulic forging forces transmitted from the main plunger to the moving cross-head by double spherical joints
  • Quick upper die-changing system
  • Shifting table
  • Die cross-slide (in with die magazine if required)
  • Automatically adjustable moving crosshead guiding system (Patented)

Auto and Rail manipulators

Danieli Breda manipulators guarantee:

  • Machine rigidity
  • Fast product handling for high productivity
  • Precise product handling though the electrical control system of all manipulator movements
  • The best product quality in terms of dimensional tolerances and metallurgical properties.

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