Aluminium process know-how and training

Innoval Technology provides technical expertise to the aluminium industry.

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Innoval Technology provides technical expertise to the aluminium industry. We help our customers to improve the quality of their aluminium products, increase customer satisfaction, reduce the cost of their operations and improve returns on their CapEx investments. Innoval Technology works for many of the world’s
leading aluminium rolling and extrusion companies, for end-users of aluminium sheet and extrusion, and also for investors in the aluminium industry.

Some of the services offered by Innoval:
— Feasibility studies;
— Product qualification process support;
— Design of mill cooling systems;
— Roll gap modeling for mill design and capability;
— Reducing time and energy of heating cycles;
— Improving sheet flatness at the customer;
— Training and mentoring of industry engineers;
— Specific product knowledge, including knowledge in automotive sheet production.


Danieli with Innoval Technology offers a customer-support package that is unmatched.
All Danieli customers have priority access to Innoval’s expertise, providing:
— Process experts, who understand your products, on hand every step of the way;
— Staff training and mentoring by acknowledged experts;
— A fast, trouble-free startup and support to achieve products in world-beating time.

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