Seamless Pipe Mills

Our focus on innovative technology and plant reliability allows to deliver equipment that produces high-end quality products with outstanding investment and operational costs to customers.

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Experience in the design of innovative seamless pipe plants and equipment for hot rolling and cold finishing alongside important investments in R&D activities allow to manufacture and supply turnkey equipment globally. Our product portfolio covers complete Seamless Pipe Mill Plants (2 Rolls / 3 Rolls Hot Rolling Mill Lines, Expander Mill Lines and Finishing Lines) producing tube sizes with ranges up to 28” and a production capacity stretching from 100.000 to 1.000.000 tonnes per year.

Also included in our scope of supply are:

  • The CRP (Cross Rolling Piercing Mill) - original and innovative design of this equipment allow piercing round billets into a shell. The mill comes equipped with cone-type or barrel-type rolls arranged either in the vertical or horizontal position according to the customers’ requirements;
  • The FQM™ (Fine Quality Mill) - at the heart of the seamless pipe production process and is responsible for shaping the wall thickness close to the final target value and elongating the inlet shell. This technology is suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes and steel grades, the process is flexible and appropriate for both high and low production;
  • The HTM (hydrotester) - allows to perform hydrostatic tests on seamless and welded pipes in complete safety. Equipment design includes high flexibility and versatility. Two different hydrostatic testing machines are available: the four-column type and the two-beam type, depending on the customer’s output these can be equipped with either one or two heads;
  • Danieli CM (Carbide Tipped Circular Saws) - designed to cut a wide range of products and steel grades, for example solid bars, profiles, single pipes, tube layers, tube samples and couplings. The CM comes in either a vertical or a horizontal arrangement depending on the specific application and layout.
  • Danieli TSM (Tube Straightening Machine) - unique design offering enhanced efficiency, improved quality and superior technology and safety, high quality processed pipes are also ensured. Equipment allows to straighten tubes by both deflection and cross section ovalisation.

All of the above-mentioned equipment can be supplied as part of the seamless pipe mill or as stand-alone equipment.

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