Heat Treatment Furnaces for Long

Over fifty years of experience and activities in the delivery of heat treatment lines for long products .

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Danieli Olivotto Ferrè wire and bars provide a wide range of applications both in continuous and batch operation in direct firing or indirect firing by means of a protective atmosphere.

  • Batch lift-off furnace for bar annealing
  • Bell Annealing Furnaces for wire rod coils.
  • Chamber furnaces for annealing bar and wire rod coils
  • Oscillating roller hearth furnace for bar annealing
  • Continuous roller hearth for bar/ wire and rod coils/ hardening/ /tempering/ normalizing /solubilisation for stainless steel
  • Continuous roller hearth for wire coil annealing furnace
  • Continuous worm screw type furnace for bar hardening/tempering/normalizing furnace
  • Rotary hearth furnace for solubilisation of stainless steel wire coils
  • Walking beam furnaces for bar hardening/tempering/normalizing
  • Quenching devices

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