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2015, 10th December

Feng Hsin Steel Orders Two Danieli Long Products Lines

An extensive list of successful projects in Taiwan, R.O.C. now will include a new high-speed bar mill and coiled products line

Mr. Fabrizio Mulinaris (EVP Danieli) and Mr. Mark Lin (President Chairman & CEO Feng Hsin)
Mr. Fabrizio Mulinaris (EVP Danieli) and Mr. Mark Lin (President Chairman & CEO Feng Hsin)

Feng Hsin Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Steel contracted Danieli recently for two important projects, continuing decades of successful partnership with the Taiwanese long products producer. 

Established in 1969, Feng Hsin today produces over 1.8 million t/y of commercial steel grades in bars, wire rod , big rounds in coils and sections. Having expanded its market position over the years, Feng Hsin now competes successfully with the major steel suppliers in the region.
First, Danieli will develop and supply a new high-speed bar mill to produce 745,000 t/y of deformed bars from D10 up to D36, applying two-strands slitting for D10-D19 at a maximum finishing speed of 40 m/s for the smallest sizes.
This rolling mill will be linked directly to the existing four-strand caster, with an induction heater based on Q-Heat technology by Danieli Automation to equalize/increase billet temperature before rolling. The mill will be comprised of 18 Housingless Stands SHSPlus type, with four two-pass modular Fast Finishing blocks fitted with M2 Multiple Drive system, a 102 m cooling bed and associated entry/exit facilities, a Cold Shear for final cut to length, and a 28-m wide counting/sub-bundling/master bundling station.
Danieli Automation will provide the Q-Long Level 2 automation and all the electric systems for the whole plant.
In the second contract, Danieli will install a new rolling mill for square products (11 to 27 mm) and large rounds (13 to 50 mm) in coils, for quality grades. This new line will replace Feng Hsin’s outdated coiling line, with the target of improving finished products quality in terms of surface defects and mechanical properties.
The two plants will be scheduled to start operation within mid-2017.
Danieli Group’s cooperation with Feng Hsin started in 1983 with the first CCM installation, followed by several other plants in subsequent years. The most important of these was the 425,000 t/y Super Flexible Rolling Mill for bars and sections installed in 1993. Other projects there have included new roughing stands; a rolling mill for small profiles; LF, VD and CCM for meltshop n°1.

The list of successful projects for Feng Hsin and Danieli soon will include two additional long-products lines.