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2015, 14th December

Danieli Perfect Forming & Bundling System for Cascade Steel, Oregon - USA

West Coast leading rebar producer chooses Danieli technologies to improve product quality and productivity


Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, one of the largest rebar producers of the West Coast, awarded Danieli the contract for the modernization of the existing rebar mill finishing end at McMinnville, Oregon.

The aim of the project is to improve bundle quality as well as to increase system throughput to 150 sht/hour.

The patented PFB (Perfect Forming and Bundling) system combines the existing transfer tables that align and adjust the layers in a regular, precise manner, with new fast retractable lances that gently deposit the layers of bars into new bundle forming pockets in a stacking motion. The extraordinary result of this process is a bundle without any tangled bars – a high-quality, perfectly formed and aligned bundle. This means that each bundle is 100% saleable in any size and weight. Details on the arrangement of the bars in the bundles indicate that the quality is optimum and that there is no overlapping. When the ties are cut, the bars remain neat and tidy and are ready to be loaded into the processing machines. This drastically reduces the time needed to prepare the bundle thus significantly increasing productivity. The time saved on the smaller products is more than 50%. This is what led Cascade Steel Rolling Mills to select Danieli’s PFB system to replace the existing lance type bundler.

The scope of supply includes bundle forming pockets and fast lance group, run out roller table with vertical idle rollers, five (5) new SUND wire tying machines, automation and electrical equipment. Commissioning is expected by mid-2016.