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2022, 22nd December

Wider product mix and more productivity at AQS

Supplied by Danieli, this is the largest and most modern steel complex in North Africa

AQS (Algerian-Qatari Steel) has been operating successfully a Danieli minimill complex for long products in the industrial area of Bellara, Willaya of Jijel, Algeria.

The two meltshops, two bar rolling mills and one wirerod mill produce overall 2 Mtpy of finished products from steel scrap.

Recently, AQS contracted Danieli for a plant upgrade to expand the product range as well as the productivity of small sizes.

Rolling mill #1, a bar mill operating in hot-charge mode and producing 16 to 40 mm-dia, will be upgraded with the installation of additional equipment to be able also to produce small sizes, such as 12, 14 and 16 mm-dia on two strands.

One new convertible stand, four new gearboxes and a two-strand water quenching and tempering box will be installed.

Furthermore, the five-strand billet caster #1, which is currently producing 150-mm square billets, will be equipped with new moulds and secondary cooling system to cast also130-mm sections and allow energy savings for the production of the smallest rolled bars.

The implementation of the new equipment is planned by Q4 2024.

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