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2021, 31st August

Steel plants cybersecure by design

The Danieli Automation solution implemented at the new ABS special steel plant

Cyberattacks are a daily occurrence, and the attacks on technology-driven industrial plants represent a threat to the steel sector, too. In the past, OT-Operational Technology networks’ isolation ensured plant safety, but today, with Industry-4.0 innovations and inherently connected automation systems, cyberisks increase exponentially.

The new ABS QWR4.0 is a technologically advanced, I4.0-driven wirerod mill plant hence the need to run protected automation systems, cybersecure by design.

The specialized Danieli Automation cybersecurity team designed and implemented a specifically tailored eco-system that ensures compliance to the latest cybersecurity standards.

Among the implemented system we mention the “continuity of service” via a high-availability, highly virtualized IT environment and a remote backup system with geographical redundancy for full resilience in case of attack or disaster.

Physical LAN segregation between the plant’s major systems (i.e. IT, OT, Voice/CCTV and BMS) was conceived and intensive use of the VLANs was implemented to enhance segmentation between access and data flows among the systems.

Data flow control by both hardware and software to detect anomalous behavior were installed along with fieldbus network, monitoring and securing by using new technologies and design approaches.

The sum of these efficient Danieli Automation solutions will ensure ABS a continuous and safe operation from hacker attacks.

Such systems can be implemented also to existing plants. Feasibility assessments can be conducted remotely.

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