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2019, 19th December

Realignment completed for three Tata Steel slab casters

Project improved final product quality and caster performance

Danieli Service was selected by Tata Steel for complete laser checking and caster alignment restoration of their three continuous slab caster machines (CCM#1 not Danieli design, CCM#2 and CCM#3 manufactured by Danieli Davy Distington) at Jamshedpur, India.

All these activities were performed during the casters' scheduled shut-downs. The target was to improve the final product quality by reducing the number and dimension of cracks, as well as to minimize breakouts, maintenance activities and costs.

Tata’s slab casters were measured and re-aligned to restore the design tolerance.

Tata appreciated Danieli wide experience and optimized procedures in such activities, as well as all the suggestions and recommendations provided to improve caster machine performances.

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