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2019, 29th November

Hot-Strip Mill Revamping at Shougang Jingtang

Quick reconditioning of mill stand geometry

In May 2019, Shougang Jingtang (SGJT) in Tanghshan, China, assigned to Danieli the task of refurbishing hot-rolling line 2250, in operation since 2008, for process and performance improvements. The project included:

— Revamping the F1 and F2 HSM housing stand lower lateral surfaces with milling, 3D laser inspection and laser cladding. The work also reconditioned the ascension orbit keyways on F1, F2, and F3 stands. This task was completed in only 6 days, and delivered to the customer 36 hours ahead of schedule.

— Refinishing a total of 8 pin holes Ø180H7 on F1, F2, F3, and F4 stands using welding and a portable boring process, also during those 6 days.

— Applying a special high-speed flat polishing process to address housing roughness. It was the first time Danieli competed this process on site for a mill stand housing, with full customer satisfaction for the result.

Recovering and improving the performances of housing stands through revamping was the most efficient and economical solution to save costs and improve the quality of the rolled strip. Danieli Service drew upon its extensive technical know-how of rolling stands, having carried out several revamp projects involving special laser cladding and machining processes.

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