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2020, 28th January

High-quality solutions to restore reliable mill-stand geometry

Danieli Service successful on-site machining at Liberty Galati hot-strip mill

Danieli Service executed the on-site machining of two roughing stands at Liberty Galati hot-strip mill in Galati, Romania.

The HSM revamp project consisted of geometrical re-alignment of mill windows by means of on-site machining and use of new technological equipment, including DanLiner wear plates, new and modified BUR and WR clamping systems, modified BUR change sledges, complete greasing system, and other minor spare parts.

Correct mill-stand geometry is essential for effective and accurate gauge control, strip/plate quality, and preventive maintenance of the mill and its associated parts.

Cost savings are realized in terms of reduced spare parts consumption and down times caused by the same bearing failures.

A crucial aspect of the project was the short timeline allowed for executing the on-site machining and installation of the new equipment.

This project follows those completed at ArcelorMittal Termitau hot strip mill (Kazakhstan), and Shouguan Jingtang hot strip mill (China).

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