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2023, 12th December

Meltshop upgrade completed at Gerdau Whitby

Smooth handling and startup for brownfield project due to excellent cooperation between Gerdau and Danieli teams

The upgraded meltshop of Gerdau now in operation at the Whitby steel mill, Ontario, Canada, is being commissioned.

The project, consisting of engineering and then supply, focused on meltshop capacity increase from 700,000 to 1,075,000 shtpy (step 1), and to 1,200,000 shtpy (step 2), by replacing an existing EAF with a Danieli UHP FastArc furnace.

The new, scrap-based FastArc furnace has a nominal tap weight of 137 sht, and features a 6500-mm-dia lower shell, 610-mm-dia electrodes, a 120-MVA transformer, and a chemical package.

The installed Danieli technological packages are: Q-Smartec to reduce the electrode consumption; automatic sander with automatic sand refill; leakage detection system for shell panels; wireless RTD temperature transmitters; and Motank automatic slag door cleaning ram.

Pulpits of the EAF and of the LF have been supplied with PPI/API functions that receive data from each technological area and provide overall plant performance, also through graphic indicators. This gives operators a continuous, clear process control overview.

A new, complete material handling system located outside the main building feeding the ladle furnace, the upgrading of the primary suction of the fume treatment plant, and a new material handling system completed the supply. 

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