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2019, 16th September

LF and CCM commissioning at BSRM Steel Mills

Cast billets will support production of rebar and profiles

A 55-ton LF and 3-strand billet caster have started at BSRM, in the new meltshop in Mirsharai, Bangladesh.

The ladle furnace has two ladle cars positioned at 90° and a 10 MVA + 20% (overload) transformer. It is equipped with Bus Bar Electrode Arms and “Inert Roof” to minimize the electrode-side oxidation, the slag/steel oxidation, as well as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen pick-up in the refined and clean liquid steel.

The 3 strands 8-m radius caster features Mould-EMS for LC and MC steels, casting at a rate of 30 ton/hour. It produces 160-mm square billets in open and submerged stream casting, mainly for rebar but also for profiles on the company’s rolling facilities.

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