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2020, 26th October

Hyundai Steel awards contract to Danieli Corus

Blast furnace #3 to be upgraded to long lifetime "Hoogovens" design

Danieli Corus has received an order for the repair the bosh area of blast furnace #3 at the Dangjin, South Korea integrated steel plant operated by Hyundai Steel Company.

The 4525 m³ working volume blast furnace, which was originally commissioned in 2013, will be upgraded to the "Hoogovens" cooling and lining design based on high-conductivity graphite refractories and copper plate coolers in the critical bosh area.

Process conditions in the bosh area are characterized by high thermal, mechanical and chemical loads.

The "Hoogovens" design has the longest proven lifetime capability, as demonstrated at plants around the world where campaign lengths in excess of 20 or even 30 years have been achieved.

This is the 142nd Danieli Corus blast furnace project since 1977.  

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