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2019, 30th August

DRB - Direct Rolling & Bundling System

For production of superior-quality bar bundles without the use of the traditional long cooling bed for bar multiples.

DRB is the revolutionary innovation that has made traditional long-type cooling beds for multiple-length bars and associated cold cut-to-length services no longer necessary in bar mills.

It is designed for production of 8 to 40 mm dia rebars, at production speeds of up to 40 m/s and 6 to 24 m final bar commercial lengths which can be applied to brand new rolling mills or as an upgrade of existing plants.

With the DRB system, high-speed cut to final commercial length of waterquenched and self-tempered high-tensile rebars is performed directly at delivery side of the finishing mill, and right before the bundle forming and tying station. 

Superior bundle formation is based on a unique operating concept, whereby bars are regularly deposited and stacked in subsequent layers to form the regular bundle the tying of which is carried out with the latest generation of electromechanically driven Sund Birsta tying machines.