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2020, 8th October

Downcoiler mandrel revamping for GJ Steel hot-strip mill

A technological project executed by Danieli Thailand Service Team

GJ Steel Public Company Limited contracted Danieli Service to revamp a downcoiler mandrel for its hot-strip mill in Rayong, Thailand.

The technical expertise of Danieli Service Team and the proximity to the customer enabled a quick upgrade of the equipment originally designed by another manufacturer.

The scope of supply comprised:

• Downcoiler mandrel inspection of all components, including Non-Destructive Tests and dimensional checks performed by CMM machine and laser tracker.

• New, spare parts design and segment re-engineering, with reliable dimensions applied in order to restore original tolerances and extend operation lifetime.

• Surface damage recovery achieved by dedicated welding procedures and proper machining, including honing of body to guarantee high-quality surface finishing and low friction between components.

• New grease system installation, with particularly attention to pipes and flexibles routes in order to avoid any damage during operation and ensure all lubrication points.

• Hydraulic cylinder refurbishment and test, performed with support from the specialized Hydraulic Workshop at Danieli Thailand.

• Replacement of the original bearings no longer available on the market with new brand ones, executed following a dimensional study conducted with the manufacturer.

Final inspection and functional testing were performed by the Danieli Thailand Service Team, in the presence of the client, who expressed complete satisfaction with the activities completed there.

Danieli Service operates worldwide through a wide network of local service centers established to be “Close to the Customers”.

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