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2023, 31st August

DanJoint gear-type spindles

Danieli's expertise for drivetrain equipment

The new series of DanJoint gear-type spindles draws from extensive expertise and know-how in drivetrain technology. This generation, featuring different configuration about design, material and lubrication system, has been developed to fulfill the constantly increasing requirement in terms of performances and lifetime on all critical components.



DanJoint gear-type spindles have numerous potential applications in metalmaking plant and are especially suitable for those applications which foresee medium-high diameters with very high torques, small misalignment angles and high speeds.

The design of the components and the material selection is optimized to achieve higher performances and transmissible torques. Different gear’ materials and heat treatment for demanding applications and different lubrication systems, are available to increase the life of the wear parts and reduce equipment maintenance and management costs.

 Main spindles working range


Danieli Service designs and manufactures DanJoint gear-type spindles, for both Danieli and non-Danieli mills, tailored to customer needs.
Engineering is based on state-of-the-art calculation and design technology, as well as accurate material and heat-treatment selection and quality requirements for the most critical components. Manufacturing is performed in Danieli own facilities where precision, flexibility and innovative processes are the keys to successful machining. The entire process is strictly controlled and certified to achieve the highest mechanical performance and quality.



Several designs and solutions concerning the most critical components as well as, spindle heads, shat and gears are available on the new DanJoint Gear-type spindles, based on customer needs and plant’s requirement.

Particular attention is paid on gears materials and heat treatment (case hardening, nitriding, and nitrided tool steel are available) and on geared parts design, where crowning optimization is always applied to optimize the load distribution and consequently increase the lifetime.

Together with standard grease lubrication, DanJoint gear-type spindles can foresee continuous oil lubrication which is the best solution to increase components’ lifetime and performances reducing maintenance costs and time (drastic reduction of lubricant consumption). This lubrication system safeguards the environment and ensures safer working conditions for all operators.




An advanced torque monitoring system completes the supply and contributes to propose a state-of-the-art product, increases performance life expectations, and makes preventive maintenance accurate, fast, and available. The purpose is to monitor the spindle torque in real time to have an assessment of the real working conditions and the possibility to tune the process in the most reliable way.



Several added-values services can be included on DanJoint gear-type spindle, such as operating and maintenance personnel training and advisory services on erection and commissioning.

A worldwide widespread network of Danieli Service Centers provides customers with the best services spindle repairing, refurbishing and overhauling, by applying unparalleled knowledge about the equipment and its operation, covering complete spindle life cycle.

This range of services make it possible to provide customers with a rich and complete quality product, backed by experience, expertise and customer focused know-how.

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