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2021, 29th October

Danieli Service condition monitoring: low-cost, high-value upgrades

Bearing monitoring system commissioned at Dongkuk Pohang plant, Korea

Installed on single, 4-pass finishing block, a new bearing monitoring system is improving performances at the Dongkuk Pohang spooler line.

By monitoring the bearing condition, it is possible to detect bearing failure before it happens, thus preventing cobbles and material defects caused by roller blockages.

This also enables early maintenance planning and scheduling for efficient production. Danieli bearing-monitoring technology allows maximizing the usage of the bearings by receiving the exact information about their condition and lifetime, therefore minimizing bearings scrap.

With a short return of investment, the acquisition of this technology contributes to increased production, improved maintenance and profitability over the years.

Predicting plant stoppages and recording working condition is one of the easiest methods to increase the plant performances, considering also the reduction of operation expanses (OpEx).

This solution can be applied to any fast-finishing block, on Danieli-supplied blocks like at Dongkuk and on those of other manufacturers. 

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