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2021, 27th September

Roll-coating system improvements enhance strip coating control and accuracy

Danieli Service upgrading for MMK Metalurji hot-dip galvanizing lines

MMK Metalurji ordered new, Danieli Service chemical roll-coaters for its two hot-dip galvanizing lines in Dörtyol and Istanbul, Turkey.

The upgrading – featuring DanCoaters installed in an horizontal configuration and related controls – resulted in improved control for accuracy and repeatability of the coating thickness, saving coating material and reducing scrap.

DanCoaters are equipped with an efficient system that provides full, continuous control of position and pressure, as well as the other coating parameters (such as roll speed), thus allowing a specific paint thickness to be applied evenly across the strip surface.

The new design also can be retrofitted to most manufacturers’ older machines, with minimal impact to production and downtime.

DanCoaters are designed to meet safety requirements while maintaining full equipment operation: nip feed guards, carters, safety switches, pins, foot walks, handrails, safety interlocks, etc., are designed in conjunction with the final customer’s needs in order to minimize potential hazards.

Danieli Service advisory and MMK maintenance teams executed the job during a maintenance shutdown thanks to accurate planning and a plug and work package.

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