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2021, 17th November

Industry 4.0 Intelligent guides

Introducing new digital guide equipment to reach the highest safety standard and excellent guiding

Taking rolling mills to Industry 4.0

The future of rolling long products will be achieved in a safe way. Thanks to the technological development over recent years with the introduction of sensors and actuators, roller guides have progressed from mechanical devices to fully developed machines. It is no longer necessary to enter the mill floor when rolling: the operator controls and receives feedback from a system in a safe location of the plant. Besides the main benefit of safety, the new design provides excellent guiding, increases productivity and reduces plant OpEx.


RX-guide series and WSG, Wide Smart Guide

Danieli Morgårdshammar Guide Systems is ready to introduce automatic and motorized guides for any type of rolling mill, from bar to wirerod, to make the rolling mill plant smart, digital and safe.
The intelligent guide setting enables a setup to be changed in seconds from a safe location, either from a local pulpit or mill control. This will significantly improve overall equipment efficiency. The operator will receive real feedback about the production of each billet that will give an indication of groove wear and variation in stock. Operators can act in a predictive way and reconsider the standard production.
The new patented force controlled regulation will reduce peak and constant force, measured up to 25% less force in a comparison between RX-guide and an conventional guide. With dynamic force control and self-adapting roller positioning, the guide controls and handles dimensional variations of stock that will decrease roller wear, prolong bearing lifetime, reduce maintenance and extend mill service intervals.


Main features

Safety: No need for personnel to enter the mill floor; reassign experience in the pulpit and workshop.

— Quality: Predict and enhance finished product quality. Excellent guiding thanks to dynamic force-controlled roller position handles stock dimensional variations.

— OpEx: Optimize roll-pass design and groove life. Increased service life for consumables and spares (RFID). Increased rolling mill flexibility.

— Know-How: Constant feedback on rolling mills’ operating performance, maintaining every sequence and every billet at peak production level. Analyze and find new process rules considering all rolling mill factors - temperature, steel grade, speed, alignment, wear etc. - all in one dedicated app.


1944 Morgårdshammar patented the first roller guide and now is the first to patent an automatic roller guide series.

Industry 4.0 signals a new era for steelmaking, and Danieli Morgårdshammar Guide Systems is ready to support customers in this transition with new machines and services to increase plant profits.

Just one click on the control desk will completely set up a rolling mill, and significantly improve overall equipment efficiency. This is the concept of Danieli Intelligent Guides.