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2022, 26th May

Danieli’s New Strategy for a Work Environment Focused on the Power of Equality

Goal n.5 becomes goal n.1

On May 18, Danieli’s Board of Directors adopted the Gender Equality Plan (or simply GEP) for the 2022-2024 period. The plan consists in formalizing strategic actions aimed at achieving gender equality through a tangible commitment and the implementation of well-defined initiatives in varying degrees of complexity, for the purpose of:

  • performing impact assessments/audits of procedures and practices to uncover prejudice;
  • proposing and implementing innovative strategies to eliminate any prejudice;
  • setting goals and creating systems to monitor equality indicators.

Danieli is one of the Italian companies that have joined the United Nations Global Compact, a worldwide initiative of the United Nations to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs by 2030)

> The fifth of these goals pertains to Gender Equality

Danieli has pinpointed five strategic areas in which it can take action by setting specific goals and laying down the transitions that are needed to obtain the expected results and selecting the people and bodies responsible for implementing them:

  • Career choices and progression;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Equality in leadership and decision-making;
  • Inclusive culture;
  • Measures against violence and harassment in general.

This initiative goes alongside previous ones in support of gender equality such as following Women Empowerment Principles under the United Nations Global Compact project, career paths dedicated to female leadership, providing assistance to parents through Danieli’s education project Danieli Zerotredici - which takes children and youths from day care through junior high school - and promoting STEM careers for women. 

A wide-ranging concept of sustainability and social responsibility oriented towards strengthening and recognizing the contribution of women’s work within the company and the community is one of Danieli’s key objectives to encourage increasingly inclusive opportunities from which companies, people and the community can benefit.