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2024, 31st May

Danieli Innovaction Meeting –Day 4: plant visits continue to Austria and Egypt

DIM participants visited voestalpine Stahl, Egyptian Steel and Suez Steel plants

We report about three of the nine visits offered to the guests of the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting that took place in Italy, with discussion panels and technology presentations on May 28 and 29 at the Danieli Research Center, where almost 700 professionals participated.

voestalpine Stahl

The CC8 thick-slab caster in Linz is a benchmark for automotive, exposed parts and electrical applications. It produces 1.2 Mtpy of slabs with thicknesses ranging from 225 to 285 mm, and widths from 800 to 1,820 mm.

Started up in 2018 and worked-up to full shift operations within five weeks, production steadily increased reaching the impressive productivity of 103,000 tons in just nine months.

A fundamental contribution to the high-quality achievements has been given by the Danieli-Rotelec MM-EMS® Mould Multi-Mode Electro-Magnetic Stirrers. Thanks to its three functions—acceleration, braking, and rotation—MM-EMS® allows voestalpine to constantly achieve the optimum quality by automatically addressing mould fluid dynamics in all casting conditions of ULC steels.

The CC8 caster is equipped with the most advanced Danieli technological packages and includes:

Q-Width change of the width during casting; Q-Map complete thermal map; Q-Level+ automatic mold level control system; Q-Roll slab casting roll technology; Q-Robot sampling, temperature measurement, and lancing.

Q-Width plays a fundamental role, providing voestalpine the flexibility required to ensure a three-day timeframe from order to delivery.

Egyptian Steel

Egyptian Steel awarded Danieli the order for two MIDA QLP-DUE minimills for rebar.

The first of the two twin minimills, located in Beni Suef, was commissioned in 2016, followed by the second, in Al Ain Al Sokhna, started production in late 2017.

Each plant has a total capacity of 830,000 tpy of long products: 530,000 tpy of rebar in bundles are produced in endless casting and rolling mode through a single line, and 300,000 tpy are cast through two additional casting strands in 130-mm-square billets.

Endless billets are cast at a speed in excess of 6 m/min and continuously rolled by a 20-stand rolling mill in 10 to 25-mm-dia rebars. The rebar is quenched, finished and directly cut-to-length in 6 to 18-m-long perfect bundles.

Plant reliability and stability of the casting and rolling process of these minimills are confirmed by their world record for endless casting-rolling: 60 heats cast in a single sequence, without changing the slide gate or snorkel.

Endless charging system for scrap preheating and charging allows low energy consumption, high productivity, with less noise and polluting emissions. Q-Melt

controls automatically and in real time each chemical and electrical parameter achieving the best performances with reduction of process variability.

FastCast Cube (FCC), and Eco-Power Mould®, patented technologies produce quality endless billet at speed up to 7 m/min.

Patented DRB®-Direct Rolling and Bundling system delivers straight bars in commercial lengths. High quality bundles are made up of perfectly aligned and headed-up bars, neither twisted nor entangled.

Suez Steel

In 2013, an Energiron DRI plant supplied by Danieli, for 1.95 Mtpy of Hot/Cold DRI production, started up along with the connected meltshop #2 and CCM for blooms, billets, and beam blanks, with a capacity of 1.28 Mtpy. The installed Energiron DRI technology allows hot DRI charge up to 600° in the EAF thanks to the Hytemp® pneumatic system.

In 2017, Suez Steel awarded Danieli another order for the supply of a new rolling mill (RM3) for long products, with a capacity of 1.4 Mtpy to bring Suez Steel total capacity for long products to 2.2 Mtpy.

Five year later Danieli was contracted to enhance the versatility of their caster in meltshop #2, for various as-cast products, and to revamp the other EAF in meltshop #1.

For the caster, the original strand 1 was completely overhauled, from the mould to the discharge zone, to accommodate the production of both twin billets and oversized beam blanks, measuring 1272x510x135 mm with a linear weight of 2.393 kg/m. The remaining strands were pre-designed to support new beam blank sizes up to 1050x460x90 mm, ensuring minimal disruption from the installation of new equipment.

The existing shaft furnace was replaced with a new, Danieli FastArc EAF to improve productivity by 30%, and operational flexibility, while maintaining the same 100-t tapped steel capacity, operating with a nominal charge mix of 70% cold DRI (continuously fed through the furnace roof) and 30% scrap, with the future possibility of charging up to 25% hot metal.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting 2024.